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Pollground v1.1

The new, much requested, threaded comments system and expertise system are in! No more one-comment-per-user, no more expertise points based on majority voting. As you, the users, have pointed out, such a system will
1) improve the integrity of the votes since users will not try to “guess the majority”, and

2) improve the quality of comments and questions since they are user moderated through a points system.

As Pollground grows, these are likely changes crucial to ensuring content quality. The old system rotated through every question asked with almost equal probability, whereas the new system will show questions and comments based on their points, a number determined by the users. Certainly, we’ll refine the user-moderation system in the future, but we feel the basic structure is much better now.

Further, there is a new user system!

You no longer need an email address (or activation) to register. You also may post anonymously or attach your usernames to your posts, whereas before all posts were mandatorally anonymous. This, we hope, will allow for a sense of community. The identity of the author of every poll/comment is no longer necesarily a vague question mark. At the same time, we know that anonymity is necesary to ask the most sensitive questions or to give the most honest comments, so opt-in anonymity is here to stay.

Besides the above changes, the keen eye will notice a large number of minor details here and there we’ve improved, including graphical tweaks, a improved help page, the elimination of pop-up comments, an about us page (look to the right of this page!), and so on.

Site Stats

For those of you who frequent this site (or even for first-time users), we haven’t released much site data before, but thought you may be interested in some numbers for Pollground. Since launching on July 10th 2006, we have:

– Over 70,000 votes

– Over 600 polls

– Over 5,000 comments

– Over 9,000 people (unique visitors) who have seen the site

– Over 500 people average who visit the site every day

– Over 100 people who have answered every single poll
And finally, we’re glad to report that we’ve received 13,000 visits with a happy average of 10 pages per visit.


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