First Changes

July 13, 2006 at 11:12 pm Leave a comment

Since launching last Monday (Jul. 10), we’ve gotten loads of really helpful feedback from users like you. In the coming weeks or so, we’ll be making large numbers of changes based on your suggestions!

The largest change coming up next week will affect comments and expertise points. Currently, you may only leave comments when you’re voting — you can’t respond to other user’s comments. Also, when you view comments, you see inane comments mixed in with the insightful ones, there’s no method to bury the bad comments and reward the good ones.

For expertise points, the current system gives you points for voting with the majority, a flawed indicator of expertise. Rewarding you for voting with the majority also discourages you from speaking your own mind, not an environment we want to create on Poll ground.

Our new system of comments and expertise points will hopefully fix all of these problems. The new comment system will let you rate other comments, and respond to other comments at any time, in a system similar to Reddit or Slashdot. Those comments rated sufficiently low will not appear by default, and the best-rated comments will float to the top.

Voting with the majority no longer will give you any expertise points. Rather, you’ll get expertise points by writing comments that are rated highly by other users. You can also earn expertise points by asking interesting questions that draw people to comment (instead of being skipped or buried).

Look forward to this overhaul sometime in the middle of next week! In the meantime, keep on sending us feedback on what you like and what you don’t like, and check out the changes we’ve made for today:

– This Blog (!!!)

– Search Functionality

– Larger Fonts / Simpler Layout

– Removal of the pointer phrases “somebody asks…” and “what’s your advice”, and moving the category selector from the top to the bottom

– Persistent Logins

– Many many more minor bugfixes and usability improvements based on your comments.


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Pollground v1.1

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